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Important Information About Our Neighborhood!

Longwood Village is a deed restricted community, therefore it is important that you are aware of the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions (CCR) along with policies which are in effect for the community. This information is available in Tools > Documents > Governance/ CCRs in Town Sq. Adopted policies serve as amendments to the deed restrictions of Longwood Village and apply to all sections of the subdivision. 

The Longwood Village Board of Directors is committed to addressing deed restrictions within the subdivision in efforts to maintain a desired look, assist in maintaining property values, and help make the neighborhood more enjoyable for residents. Deed restriction enforcement is initiated through an administrative process in accordance with Chapter 209 of the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act. Complaints received from residents are investigated by the Community Manager or Compliance Team and then appropriate action is taken through an administrative process. Common violations include:

Parking overnight on street  |  Trash cans left out in plain sight  | Basketball goals in or at street  | Yard not maintained adequately

We ask that you read and abide by your Deed Restrictions and Adopted Policies, maintain your property, and pay your yearly assessment fee when due. If you did not receive a copy of your deed restrictions at closing, you can download a copy from TownSq  >Tools > Documents > Governance/CCR Documents. 

The Longwood Village Homeowners Association has a fining policy to address deed restriction violations. The policy can be found in TownSq > Tools > Documents > Resolutions.

To report a Deed Restriction violation, click on Contact Us and fill out the form.   

The Board is not in the position to mediate disputes between members of the community. Homeowners must make every attempt to work out any issues between themselves. When reasonable and respectful attempts at resolution fail between neighbors, the Board would suggest to an owner to consider contacting independent legal counsel for advice.

More Questions? Below is a library of documents that may help answer questions you have about our neighborhood or amenities.

Additional resident information and documents can be found in TownSq > Tools > Documents. Resident login is required to access these files.